Sawako Tanizawa



Sawako Tanizawa is an artist of paper cut-out. But her works are not just paper cut-out, but also shadowgraphs at the same time.




She draws the legends, myths, archaeological sites and natural features by her works. For example, the motif of the work above is the ancient stone statue of Nara which is called "Miroku stone".


Miroku stone


Before these works, she has made completely ​​different style works. In particular, she has made ​​a grotesque clay dolls. Moreover, a lot of seashells have been screwed in the limbs, legs, head and body of the dolls.




Recent her shadowgraphs  have separated from the installation like this. It seems like a magical celebration of the birth of the monster baby.  In chinese character,  "祝" means to celebrate and "呪"means to  curse. Two characters are so similar to each other. Probably this installation means also celebration and curse at the same time.




Sawako Tanizawa was born in Osaka in 1982. She has gone for an exchange study at Royal College of Art, London in 2005. In 2007, she has received MA Fine Art at Kyoto City University of Arts. If you want to know more information about her, please look at this site.